Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


Societal metrics demonstrate the idea of assessing different systems, but require a lot more work and research to be usable. Assessing DC is attempting to apply the metrics using general knowledge and logic. The ultimate goal is to have metrics that are purely assessed with data. For now this is a very draft approximation.

Artistic Endeavor

DC is pretty good in terms of cultural expression in that anyone can create any kind of art, music or movie and if it is popular they can make a living out of it.

The issue with it is that art can be dumbed down, reduced and spoiled by corporations that control these artistic industries. Artistic endeavors in this way can be pushed to be more mainstream, less adventurous to guarantee acceptance and profit. This slows down the growth and diversity of art.

Cultural Rituals

Capitalism doesn’t have particular rituals associated with it. Rituals are part of culture and do provide value in that they bring people together for a stronger community.

The Result

DC is certainly better than a society where free speech can be an issue and artistic pursuits can be dangerous. At the same time, profit and not the purity of artistic expression largely drive cultural expression.

Assessment: 6/10