Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

The Inspiration Of OS

Open Socialism is inspired by a few different things.


Communism is a system that has almost always failed however it has many great concepts that can be learned from. The reasons for failures are also interesting to look at.

Evolutionary Psychology

Humans have not particularly evolved since tribal times. By looking at the kind of society that we evolved to live in we can learn about what aspects are important to humans.

Software Development

Software development is hard and projects are prone to fail to meet requirements or run over time. Due to this some sophisticated methodologies have been developed to allow teams to work together effectively. In particular the Agile methodology.

Open Source Software

Open Source software is software that is free to use and the code is freely available. Often open source software is worked on by teams that are distributed all over the world, via the open source model. Software development is hard but open source is typically even harder. There are some shining lights in the open source community that have shown how such teams can deliver value very efficiently despite the odds stacked against them.