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Rights Equality

Societal metrics demonstrate the idea of assessing different systems, but require a lot more work and research to be usable. Assessing DC is attempting to apply the metrics using general knowledge and logic. The ultimate goal is to have metrics that are purely assessed with data. For now this is a very draft approximation.

DC has, at a legal level, quite a fair system where on paper everyone has the same rights. Let’s look at how this works for some different areas.


All people are entitled to go to public schools. Unfortunately public schools may or may not be very good. Those with money can afford to go to private schools that are usually better. Everyone has the right to go to a private school if they have the money. Since not everyone has the money this is not the same level of rights.


Depending on the country there is a varying level of free public health. However, all countries have an elite level of care that requires money.

Legal matters require money in most cases and unfortunately having more money available gives a person a large advantage in legal matters.

The Result

Rights equality is not achieved by DC, however a basic level of rights has been achieved.

Assessment: 5/10