Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

The Courts

Law will still exist. There will be two major differences however.

Less laws required

A large amount of law will no longer be required. Law relating to patents and business will not be necessary any more. Law will largely be about ethical conduct to your fellow humans.

No longer tied to the letter of the law

Law will not be absolute. The letter of the law will no longer be the final decider in any particular issue. Rather (likely a group of) people will, with the guidance of the law, be empowered to use their own moral judgment and make a decision. The reason for this is the letter of the law can never keep up with an evolving society and there will always be exceptions and loopholes. Giving people the power to make their best judgment beyond the specific wording of the law should result in more fair judgments.

DC is geared towards being able to justify any decision, or that decisions are reproducible with the law. However, it should be more valuable making more correct decisions over this principle.