Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

Don't Require Perfection

Systems, products and people should not be required to be perfect. It is not reliable or sustainable to require perfect efforts. Rather concepts of iteration and continual improvement need to be used so that poor results can be dealt with.

In particular genius should not be a requirement. This is more inline with the concept of the president or the minister, where you have one brilliant person making very important decisions and exists as a single point of failure. Everyone makes mistakes and the system needs to allow for this.

In addition, it should not be expected that humans will be perfectly moral. People tend to try and get ahead whenever possible, however possible. This needs to be factored in.

Another part of this is not worrying about the image of a group or individual. The focus is on the quality of work that a group or individual does, not their personal lives, background or mistakes they may have made. We shouldn’t require heroes.