Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


Societal metrics demonstrate the idea of assessing different systems, but require a lot more work and research to be usable. Assessing DC is attempting to apply the metrics using general knowledge and logic. The ultimate goal is to have metrics that are purely assessed with data. For now this is a very draft approximation.

DC is very poor at survival as a species.

Medium Term Survival

Medium term survival involves sustainable living and not damaging the environment. Unfortunately DC is focused on quarterly profits and does not care about much beyond that such as climate change.

Long Term Survival

Long term survival of the species involves colonizing other planets and other solar systems. Otherwise an asteroid or alien visitation could wipe humanity out. It is not profitable in the short term so DC doesn’t focus on this. (Space X is a company that is focused on this but this comes from a philanthropic intent of wealthy founder Elon Musk).

The Result

DC has almost no focus on the long term survival of the species and due to the popularity of DC amongst powerful countries we are heading in a really bad direction.

Assessment: 2/10