Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


Societal metrics demonstrate the idea of assessing different systems, but require a lot more work and research to be usable. Assessing DC is attempting to apply the metrics using general knowledge and logic. The ultimate goal is to have metrics that are purely assessed with data. For now this is a very draft approximation.

DC itself is actually pretty good with providing employment to people. Unemployment rates typically sit at around 5%.

The issue with employment more so comes from globalization and the fact that menial work can be done in poor countries for a much lower wage. Since corporations care about profits above providing jobs to people locally wealthy DC countries have a decreasing local workforce. The internet is also adding to this effect as collaboration with workers in different countries increasingly becomes easier.

The Result

There aren’t many barriers to employment under DC but globalization can cause problems when a DC society sits in a global economy.

Assessment: 8/10