Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


The top level of society is a circle much like any other. The major difference is that it doesn’t have a parent circle sitting above it, monitoring it, that can dissolve it at any point if required if things are getting out of hand.

More than any other circle it needs to be able to effectively maintain it’s members, removing members who aren’t being effective and adding new members when those are eligible.

In the case where the top level circle has been corrupted or proved completely incompetent (which is to say that greater than 50% of the members are problematic and problem members are unable to be removed) it can be dissolved by the 2nd level circles. It would require something like a 2/3 majority from 2/3 of the 2nd level circles. If this passes then using the same or a similar mechanism new 1st level circle members would be selected.

Also the decisions from the top level circle are so important that it would have a more involved consensus seeking model. All decisions may require a 90% majority, then fall back to 80% and so on so that as few decisions as possible need to go to a pure 50% majority vote.