Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

Modern Companies Mirror Open Socialism

Democracy and capitalism in business

If democracy and capitalism are so good as underlying systems, it would be expected that modern business would use them as efficient systems. What would this look like?

  • Employees would vote for their manager and CEO.
  • There would be regular elections, so positions could be lost.
  • Employees would be given a share of the companies budget and be free to invest it to help the company.
  • Employees would use resources competing and promoting their ideas against other employees.

This is not to say there are no elements of democracy and capitalism in business, but they are rarely if ever used as the underlying system.

Modern business mirrors open socialism

Open socialism on the other hand is very similar to the methods of organizing used in business. Business has no bias to a particular system, so this is vote of confidence for similar cooperative systems.

Cooperative systems

In business people work together for a common goal. Purpose is provided in a top-down manner, however people work in teams with autonomy to choose how they achieve said purpose. Overly top-down controlling bureaucratic systems have been shown to ineffective.

Limited inequality

With most modern companies there is relatively limited income inequality. On the extreme end the top 350 US companies averaged the CEO making 312 times as much as an average worker. 312 times is somewhat alarming, but smaller companies and less successful companies should have less of a disparity.

Overall most employees do not have greatly differing incomes to their colleagues. Compared to the inequality seen within a society, internal company inequality is much smaller.

Limited internal competition

There is an attempt to diminish competition between groups within companies. Modern companies attempt to reduce political maneuvering and increase a company wide view point between groups.

Tribal systems

Increasingly modern companies are forming tribal structures.