Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

Without Democracy Society Will Be Corrupt

Democracy has become a brand worldwide that is seen as the only solution to corruption, despite democratic countries having systemic corruption via the lobbying system. Democracy (in terms of the 2 party system) is actually the most basic and pessimistic solution to the problem of dictatorships. Everyone gets one vote every 3 or so years between two parties and this choice needs to weigh all matters that the winning party will need to face, despite the general public not being experts on politics. It is a very low fidelity choice.

It is pessimistic because it assumes that having more democratic votes by people that are actually experts on the matters being voted on must become corrupted. Eg. environmental and climate scientists and economists voting on emissions policies. It must assume this because otherwise it would be done since unbiased experts surely must determine policy better than biased political parties.

Democracy is a fine general ideal, but it doesn’t need to be in the form of the 2 party system. Democracy is a tool that can be leveraged by any society when and where it makes sense, to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Corruption Is A Separate Problem

Conflating non-democracy with corruption doesn’t make sense. Choosing the best way to make decisions for a society is one problem which can use the tool of democracy (and others) as necessary. Corruption does not automatically follow from a lack of democracy.

Other Solutions To Corruption

The 2 party democratic system is inefficient and ineffective and amounts to using a sledge hammer instead of a chisel. Corruption in society can be reduced via many techniques such as openness of information. Corruption can be solved as a specific problem without necessarily resorting to the overly simplistic option of classic democracy.