Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

The Goals of Open Socialism

Open Socialism has the following goals in order of importance.

  1. Ensure the long term survival of the human species.
    • Live sustainably on planet Earth.
    • Colonize other planets so that humans cannot be wiped out if Earth becomes uninhabitable for whatever reason.
  2. Have a society that is sustainable for the people who live in it. People should be happy, needed, productive but not overworked. Without a happy populace the system is not sustainable and will destabilize.
  3. Scientific and technological advancement.

The orders of the goals only comes into play when a lower priority goal must be sacrificed. For example if a meteorite will impact with earth all endeavors would be focused on dealing with that situation and individual happiness would temporarily not be a focus.

Otherwise the regular work of society would in fact be scientific and technological advancement as this under pins long term survival and the sustainability of society.