Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

Socialism Has Historically Failed'

‘Socialism/Communism has failed time and again, why would Open Socialism be any different?’

Socialism in the past has either been a dictatorship wearing the badge of socialism or it has been overly idealistic. Marx demonstrated the concept of a cooperative society but failed to identify the core problems that any society will face. Particularly that human selfishness is normal and a society will naturally move towards a class based system with a corrupt ruling class, even if setup initially with benevolent rulers.

Open Socialism starts with the concept of a cooperative society like classical socialism, but it also targets normal human selfishness. It specifically sets up society so that corruption is difficult as possible so that classical issues with socialism won’t occur.

The other classical problem with socialism was a lack of motivation for individuals. OS also specifically targets this issue by providing prestige and monetary rewards for people doing great work or rising up in society.

A cooperative society such as socialism is a fantastic basis for a society as it avoids a lot of competition which creates a huge amount of wastage.