Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


Societal metrics demonstrate the idea of assessing different systems, but require a lot more work and research to be usable. Assessing DC is attempting to apply the metrics using general knowledge and logic. The ultimate goal is to have metrics that are purely assessed with data. For now this is a very draft approximation.

For DC socialization is decreasing as technology advances. People are increasingly looking to the internet to satisfy themselves socially, but whilst this can be addictive it doesn’t really satisfy when compared to in person contact. The problem is that capitalism will sell people products regardless of whether it is good for them or not. People will buy products/use services if they provide them instant gratification regardless of whether that is really good for them or not. This leads to products and usage patterns that can be damaging to individuals and cause them to not seek out the level of socialization that they need.

There is also less incentive to do research on these kind of issues because that can only decrease sales.

The Result

Assessment: 5/10