Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism

The Plan

OS will follow the model of open source software and the principle of release early, release often. This is similar to how Wikipedia works which boils down to ‘get something out there, it may not be perfect, then iterate on it from the feedback you receive’. Even if what is created is initially poor quality it can be reliably and iteratively improved much faster with public feedback and help than in isolation.

Each phase of OS is geared at getting help and feedback from people and to iteratively refine the system and back it up with facts.

These are the phases.

Initial sanity check

Create an initial draft of the concept with some facts but without going through heavy research to confirm the ideas. Still have some key facts. Receive feedback from a select group of people to check that there aren’t glaring problems, missing areas or arguments that are contrary to the facts.

Promote to special interest groups via the internet (Current)

Create a version that is more fleshed out with facts and flows better to be more accessible and convincing. Then post the site on widening circles of special interest groups to solicit feedback and contributors. For example

Promote to the general public

With the help of contributors create a polished version that is very persuasive and visual with clear and powerful facts.

At this point look to get more general public feedback though website advertisements, handing out leaflets and other means to get further feedback.

To be determined

If the system goes viral it may make sense to publish a book or begin doing talks. Will have to wait and see what is possible at this point.