Open Socialism a compelling alternative to democratic capitalism


So you want to help? Awesome!

To learn about the system have a look at the introduction. Then checkout Open Socialism in more detail and the core tenets, then read about circles.

Also check out the plan to understand the current and next milestone for OS.

Why help in the first place?

We can’t all change the world for the better in our day jobs. This project is about improving the world and is founded on the belief that we as humanity can do much better. It feels good (hopefully) working towards a better future.

It should also use cool technology. If you are work in IT this can be a place to practice with things like docker, using fancy and overkill solutions but learning along the way :)

What help is currently desired?

Any help in any capacity is welcome ranging from redesigning the entire system to fixing typos. If you want you can even join and regularly contribute if it’s something you care about.

Generally at this stage the most important help that is required is criticizing the system, pointing out flaws, showing evidence that OS (or parts of it) wont work and identifying missing information in OS.

Maybe OS is fundamentally broken. If you can show this it is the most valuable help because it will provide the most fuel for OS to improve.

How to help

Complete the survey

Complete the Open Socialism survey.

Provide general feedback

Provide general feedback

Provide page specific feedback

You can click feedback on a page to provide feedback (github account required).

Make improvements

To directly suggest improvements you will also need a github account.

Once this is done you can click edit on any page and you will be able to make changes. Follow these instructions to suggest a change.

If you are making a significant change please read the contributing guidelines

If you want more information on directly contributing.

If this sounds too difficult don’t worry, just suggest changes via the feedback options.

If you want to help but feel like you need more knowledge of human history and societies the following books are good.

I want to help, what skills do I need?

A very basic understanding of markdown which is easy to learn.

If you want to work on the site code, some knowledge of jekyll and web technologies is required.